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 Volume 16/1 includes forum "Modernity and Mobility: Victorian Women Traveling"
 January 2018

 Volume 15/2
 June 2017

 Volume 15/1: includes forum "Audionarratology"
 January 2017

 Volume 14/2: includes forum "Modern Jewish Spaces"
 June 2016

 Volume 14/1: includes forum "Saul Bellow as a Novelist of Ideas"
 January 2016

 Volume 13/2: includes forum "Comics and the Canon"
 June 2015

 Volume 13/1: includes forum "TheGhetto as a Victorian Text"
 January 2015

 Volume 12/2: includes forum "The Novel and Theories of Love"
 June 2014

 Volume 12/1
 January 2014

 Volume 11/2: includes forum "Translating Philip Roth"
 June 2013

 Volume 11/1
 January 2013

 Volume 10/2: includes forum "Bildung and the State"
 June 2012

 Volume 10/1: includes forum "Fernando Pessoa and the Issue of Heteronymy
 January 2012

 Volume 9/2: Dickens: Uneasy Pleasures
 June 2011

 Volume 9/1
 January 2011

 Volume 8/2: British Women Writers
 June 2010

 Volume 8/1 includes forum "The Ethics of Temporality"
 January 2010

 Volume 7/2: Eyewitness Narratives
 June 2009

 Volume 7/1
 January 2009

 Volume 6/2: Narrative Knowing, Living, Telling
 June 2008

 Volume 6/1
 January 2008

 Volume 5/2
 June 2007

 Volume 5/1
 January 2007

 Volume 4/2: Narrative as a Way of Thinking
 June 2006

 Volume 4/1
 January 2006

 Volume 3/2
 June 2005

 Volume 3/1
 January 2005

 Volume 2/2
 June 2004

 Volume 2/1
 January 2004

 Volume 1/2
 June 2003

 Volume 1/1
 January 2003

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Updated Up To 18/01/2017
Volume 16, issue 2; includes forum "Modernity and Mobility: Victorian Women Traveling" (January 2018) :
Then and Now
Travel, History, Narration in Dara Hornís A Guide for the Perplexed: A Novel
Murray Baumgarten
Rubric A: Then and Now
Rubric B: Women Writers



Travel changes character in this neo-Victorian novel, as it marks women with the signs of newly achieved difference. Their explorations array on a palimpsest that reconfigures conventional cultural expectations: it is a narrative technique and trope which renders the past with the immediacy and urgency of the present time of speaking. The novel focuses on a computer program called Genizah that records everything and can be played back to enable the viewer to make the past into an eternal present Ė a modern version of the Pharaonic project of pyramidal Egypt, a central location for this novel. The Genizah computer program enables time travel, and now can turn into then, dream-experience and/or traumatized life. Horn elaborates the separate strands of this triple-plotted narrative that takes us into the historic Genizah of the ancient Cairo Fustat Synagogue, discovered by two intrepid Victorian women ethnographers. Their discoveries invite links with the historical novel of Sir Walter Scott, the nostalgic fiction of Charles Dickens, and the philosophical thought of Moses Maimonides. The plot turns on a modern re-gendered version of the Biblical account of Joseph and his brothers in Egyptian servitude. History, familial rivalries, and global ambitions thread through the story, and that which has been hidden is forced into acknowledgment and public engagement through a contemporary technology with ancient roots.

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