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 Volume 14/2: includes forum "Modern Jewish Spaces"
 June 2016

 Volume 14/1: includes forum Saul Bellow as a Novelist of Ideas
 January 2016

 Volume 13/2: includes forum Comics and the Canon

 Volume 13/1: includes forum The Ghetto as a Victorian Text

 Volume 12/2: includes forum The Novel and Theories of Love
 June 2014

 Volume 12/1
 January 2014

 Volume 11/2 includes Forum: Translating Philip Roth
 June 2013

 Volume 11/1
 January 2013

 Volume 10/2
 June 2012

 Volume 10/1
 January 2012

 Volume 9/2: Dickens: Uneasy Pleasures
 June 2011

 Volume 9/1
 January 2011

 Volume 8/2: British Women Writers
 June 2010

 Volume 8/1 includes forum The Ethics of Temporality
 January 2010

 Volume 7/2: Eyewitness Narratives
 June 2009

 Volume 7/1
 January 2009

 Volume 6/2: Narrative Knowing, Living, Telling
 June 2008

 Volume 6/1
 January 2008

 Volume 5/2
 June 2007

 Volume 5/1
 January 2007

 Volume 4/2: Narrative as a Way of Thinking
 June 2006

 Volume 4/1
 January 2006

 Volume 3/2
 June 2005

 Volume 3/1
 January 2005

 Volume 2/2
 June 2004

 Volume 2/1
 January 2004

 Volume 1/2
 June 2003

 Volume 1/1
 January 2003

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   Newest Articles

 “Poor Old Palace-Prison!”
 Richa Dwor

 Israel Zangwill’s Italian Fantasies
 Meri-Jane Rochelson

 Confronting the “Jewish Type”
 Amanda Kaye Sharick

 Borders of Intimacy in Israel Zangwill’s Children of the Ghetto
 Heidi Kaufman

 Israel Zangwill and the Afterlife of the Venice Ghetto
 Murray Baumgarten

 Re-imagining the Ghetto
 Shaul Bassi

 “The Benevolent Self Was a Disgrace Beyond Measure for Every Argentine Jew”
 Gustavo Sánchez Canales

 From Negative Identity to Existential Nothingness
 James Duban

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Welcome to Partial Answers Website - ISSN 1565-3668
Partial Answers, winner of the CELJ "Best New Journal of 2004" award, is a semiannual journal sponsored by the School of Literatures of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. It is devoted to the interdisciplinary study of literature and the history of ideas. It publishes articles that explore the ways in which

  • literary texts can be perceived both as works of art and as testing grounds for ideas;
  • literary works participate in the history of ideas, whether understood as a continuous line of development, as a process of inheriting and correcting schemas, or as a sequence of archeological layers;
  • literary texts negotiate ideological changes;
  • period concepts and debates impinge on the shape of the literary texts;
  • the evolution of ideas affects our reading of the literature of the past;
  • individual texts reflect the changing ideas about literature itself.


Recent Call for Papers -- Comics and the Canon: 

(papers to be submitted by June 16, 2014)

Please see editorial information for more details on submissions.

The editorial board will be pleased to consider suggestions concerning books to review.



Recent conferences associated with the journal:

"The Novel and Theories of Love," June 18-20, 2012

Trauma Testimony Discourse (cf. Partial Answers 7.2)

The Biblical Literary (June 13-15, 2010)


Knowledge and Pain (May 24-26, 2010)


Dickens, Victorian Fiction, Uneasy Pleasures (June 14-18, 2009)


Eyewitness Narratives (November 25-27, 2007)



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